Virtual Portfolio Update – January 31th 2017 – Portfolio + 14,87% – YTD + 0,85%


Portfolio is up 0,85% for January vs 0,14% for our SP500/Eurostoxx50 average benchmarks.

Best performers YTD are Emerging Markets, Turkey (+ 10,52% !!but  in TRY) , Brazil (+7,38%) , India and Hong Kong (+6%).  Matured markets performances were softer : SP500 (+1,79%) , Dow Jones (+0,51%) , Nikkei is down 0,39%, Dax up 0,48% and Eurostoxx50 down 1,50%.

From now on I will publish this update on 15th and at end of each month and like in the past any transaction at the time of placing the order. 

Readers of this blog who would desire to have an insight of my STRATEGIC allocation  can contact me any time via email or telephone . The Balanced allocation (50% Max equities) has yielded +1,80% YTD (USD based)