Virt. Portfolio Update / Techs Stocks rally exhausting


Techs stocks (here Nasdaq 100) have been very strong since December 31st catching up poor performance in the aftermath of US election. The rally is tiring with recent decreasing volumes (Red lines) . NDX100 slowly reaches the 70 overbought RSI level and the upper part of an up trendline traced since early 2016 (Blue line ). After having seen on the US markets a « Buy the News » after Donald Trump election , we might see a « Sell the Fact » as we approach the inauguration.

The tactical hedge (on SP500) currently represents 1% of portfolio (0.2 Units).

Action : Buy another 1% (0.2 units ) of hedge via the CITI Turbo PUT Nasdaq100 KO strike 5179 (ISIN : DE000CX63TM6) at current price of 1.29 EUR (17/1 – 13:30 CEST)