Virtual Portfolio Update – January 11th 2017 – Portfolio + 15,83% – YTD + 1,70%


The Portfolio is up 15,83% since inception nearly 1 year ago and up 1,70% Year To Date.

The average performance of positions we hold (out of the hedge which is 1% of Portfolio) since 31/12 are up 2,90% so the 25% cash we hold as ammunition in case of market correction is clearly weighing on performance.

The Oil tracker bought in December was stopped at USD 11,07 yesterday evening – Loss 4,73%. WTI Oil is back below the often mentionned very important Resistance/Support level of USD 52,50 : Technical picture is weak again with daily trend showing more downside and bearish weekly chart. Price might revisit bottom of last 9 months trend in the USD 45-46. More positive could be expected if prices reverses back to above USD 52,50. Oil markets fundamentals, oil producers intents and divergent effective real actions do not help to have a clear vision on what happens next.

Take profits levels have been added for EasyJet and The Biotech tracker.


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