Virt Portfolio : USO purchase triggered by WTI oil closing above USD52,50

I refer to the Dec. 6th post : « WTI Crude Oil Update : …The USD 51-52 range resistance becomes even more important as this is the 4th time it is challenged with no sucess. ……I would only buy USO at end of NY session (oil tracker – See Oct.10th and Sept.29th posts) should US Crude oil January future at that time be above the USD 52,50 level.

The WTI Oil Jan contract closed yesterday at USD 52,83 and so triggered the purchase of USO (US oil Tracker) at USD 11,62 (yesterday end of session).

As the technical picture of yesterday candlestick (Long upper shadow caused by a move to USD 54,50 and reversal thereafter) is far from perfect, I place a tight STOP of 3,50 % at USD 11,20 closing basis ( WTI oil below USD 51 USD)