Virtual Portfolio Update – November 10th 2016 – Portfolio Up 13,98% vs Benchmark up 8,30% // OverPerf. 5,68%

  • Silver tracker was bought at USD 17,86, yesterday’s opening.
  • No limit reached for XLV (Healthcare Tracker) and IBB (Nasdaq Biotech tracker) buy orders ; those of you who followed advice to buy IBB without following (my) advice to place a limit could have booked today a profit of 14 to 15% in 3 days … Markets remain very volatile , we keep limits as they are.
  • The 2X Daily Dax was bought at the 218,75 modified limit.
  • Second half of Gold position was bought at USD 1302,25 for an average price of USD 1286,12.

Virt.Portfolio Open positions :


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