Virtual Portfolio Update – November 4th 2016 – Portfolio Up 13,18% vs Benchmark up 4,16% // OverPerf. 9,02%

The second half of Nasdaq 100 put was sold yesterday @ our 2,70 Limit – See Below Exchange price yesterday and NDX 100 Chart – .  With the day before sale @ 2,28 EUR for first half position , we have an average sale price at 2,49 EUR for a total profit of 139% on this position that represented only 1,5% of PF (0,3 Unit) – See October 7th post for explanation and rationale for taking this position.

Weekly review :

Equities markets have started to price the « Trump » risk since last friday and the notification by FBI to the Congress on new information potentially damaging to Hillary Clinton in the email case. On top of that the earnings season for US companies is not as rosy as expected especially in terms of guidance for the next quarters. As expected Fed did hold on rates but a hike is nearly a given for the December meeting as per current market expectations.

In this context, our benchmarks are down 2% (SP500) and 4,13 % for (Eurostoxx50) , an average of 3,05% decline on the week. Weekly indices performances here  :

Seven out of ten of our holdings did perform better than the benchmarks : 5 were positive (Nasdaq Put + 58% / GDX +4,97% / Easy Jet +3,15% / Gold +2,34% / Twitter +2,05% ) and 2 (EU Retail Tracker & EM tracker ) negative but better than benchmark. The Japan tracker, Eurostoxx50 & Eu Banks tracker (-3,67 -4,13 & -5,21%) underperformed the benchmark.


Closed Positions :


Second Half of Nasdaq 100 put sold on Friday @ 2,70 EUR based on Tech index touching lowest « stopping points » around 4650 – 4660 mentionned in Thursday’s post :


Nasdaq 100 on September low support :





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